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“The only way to move past fear is to bring it a little closer…. look at straight in the eyes.. ask fear it’s purpose… invite fearing to sit down with you… don’t run from fear… there’s a lesson there… The only way to move past fear is to put it on the mantle and remember why it is there. Bring it to your altar and give it a name.  The only way to move past fear is to accept it for exactly what it is and release its shame “

-Jilly Anna Bella —  Alchemist of the heart
Bella Vita Fire

What is Firewalking? 

Firewalking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones. Firewalking has been practiced by many people and cultures in all parts of the world, with the earliest known reference dating back to Iron Age India c. 1200 BC. 

Fire Walk for Self Empowerment 

Face your Fears 🔥

Take your Life to the Next Level 🔥

Break  barriers to change your life 🔥

I want to share with you what has helped me change my life and my mindset and the teachings that have helped given me a path to expand in growth and self empowerment. 

I want to bring to you the fire medicine and magic that has helped transform my own personal beliefs about myself. Join me around the fire! 🔥

Release Fear based beliefs 

Find Your Courage 

Believe in Yourself 

Move past self limiting thoughts

Gain personal empowerment

Do something you have never done before! 🔥

Certified Fire walking Instructor and Fire Artist 

Bella is hosting  Fire Walking Circles for those who want to gather to challenge themselves to ultimately move past fear, gain Self empowerment and perspective through the element of Fire. Join us at the fire circle for an opportunity to walk on fire!  Challenge yourself to take your life to the next level through releasing self limiting thoughts beliefs and that keep us from living our full potential. Discover the magic of Firewalking. Face your fears


 Learn from a trained instructor the ways of fire walking and the transformational benefits it can bring into your life. 

Fire tending opportunities available – please inquire. 

Jilly Anna Bella has been certified and trained as a Firewalk Instructor in 2019 through the Firewalking center in Toulmine California by  the world famous father of the global fire walking movement Tolly Burkan a professional fire artist and fire walking master, and by self empowerment coach/instructor Kevin Axtell. 

Bella Vita Fire Dance Co is hosting these events and looking forward to holding space around the fire for releasing fear and self limiting beliefs. 

Join our Fire Walk Circle by signing up as space is limited. 

Send us an email of interest via the Contact Page and we will email you back with a Firewalking Circle Consent Form. 

Save yourself a seat around the fire and RSVP. *Taking cedar-wood firewood donations always. — 
Bella Vita Fire

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