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Firewalking is a powerful spiritual practice held sacred by many different ancient and modern cultures all over the world as a tool for transformation and personal empowerment. Bella was certified by international Firewalking movement leader and author Tolly Burkan.

Bella’s passion for sharing this alchemy with others has become part of her life purpose and journey as keeper of the flame.

Through the discovery experience of self empowerment when walking upon hot coals I found within me the courage and the determination to take each intentional step with precise focus. The lessons that I have learned upon the burning hot coals have helped guide me spiritually to grow. The Firewalk coals have blazed the path that I have chosen in my life to heal myself to find the courage, focus and determination in raising my own vibration, to become one with the fire and to create a clear focused vision into my own journey and self empowering life purpose.

I have heard the voice of the fire inside of me call me home to my own heart as I carry these alchemical lessons of gold with me throughout my daily life. This is the path that I have chosen… The path of stepping out of my comfort zone to spiritually grow and transform my own life as I continue finding more meaning and value within every step that I take. Each step into the fire is held with pure intention and the inner knowing of what value resides within every second upon the hot coals.

There are many ways to change your perspective about what you are capable of in your life but nothing compares the experience of stepping onto hot coals to find out what you can truly do to change your entire life by taking the first step. Change your mindset and change your entire life.

Book your personal small group Fire Walking retreats with Bella Fire Dance in the gorgeous beautiful location of Trinidad California. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Available for small retreats, weddings, catered events and self empowerment sessions offered for couples and/or small groups. Are you ready to shift your perspective in life!? Are you ready to take the next step into a whole new insight about who you are and what you are capable of achieving in your life?

Allow me to show you how Fire Walking has changed my life and can also help you shift your perspective in your own life journey. Yes! I do walk on 1500° coals and I have facilitated for others to do the same and help them find the vision of their own potential. I facilitate and guide others to step out of a limited comfort zone to find more self empowerment, vision, illumination and new perspective as empowered individuals.

Step by step I will take you through the alchemical process of self transformation. Alchemy is the root of the transformation of the spirit. The personal transformation of the SELF! Go through the steps of alchemy to find what is on the other side of the fire! Allow me to be your guide into new vision, new value and truly new meaning within your life!

I will lead you through the journey of preparation into the moment and show you what you are also capable of. The lessons upon the coals have carried me through my life journey in every step along the way, reminding me that when the going gets rough I have the ability to keep going;I have the capability to accomplish whatever it is I choose to manifest and to always always leading with the heart. 🔥❤️ A mindset & heart alchemical alignment a lifetime. We cannot shift one part of ourselves without shifting the others to truly transform our lives and when we step into alignment with mind body and spirit together we can accomplish whatever it is we choose. The choice is yours as I will lead you to the first step of many more! Fire walk with me!

Alchemy is the transformation of the self. Fire as a tool for change will transform your life perspective about what you are capable of and who you can become. Step out of your comfort zone and step into a new perspective about what you are capable of when you let go of heavy blocks of fear.
The lessons that we learn upon the hot coals continue to step with us throughout our journey and form new paths for us in our life journey to create more vision and opportunity. Fire walk with me

DM for free 20 minute discovery call about how Fire Walking can change your entire life perspective about what you are capable of!

Find out how and discover the magic and the alchemy of Fire Walking magic!
Bellavitafiretribe@gmail for reservation call and discovery call.

Step into new perspectives
Fire walk circles
Fire Drums event lighting the Fire-walk 2022
Certified Fire Walking Instructor through the Fire Walking Center of California
Fire Walking as a life changing self empowerment tool. Book your own fire walk today with a Certified Fire Walking Instructor.
Mindset shift of a lifetime🔥
Change your mind set and change your entire perspective about your whole life
Fire Walking Empowerment
What is Fire walking?
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