Some Like It Hot

⭐️ Bella Fire Dance ⭐️ Professional and Insured ⭐️

Bella, is an alchemist and an ignited soul with her heart on fire. She cultivates the flames that let the embers burn and grow within the incredible inner blaze that releases the spark of her essence and purpose.

Bella an Insured Fire Dancer and Performing Artist. Bella also serves as a Certified Fire Walking Instructor group facilitator leading Firewalking Workshops and Self empowerment classes. She teaches personal alchemy through visionary practice, dance with the element of fire for manifestation and personal growth.

Bella founded the Bella Vita Fire Dance Co in 2010 in Humboldt County California.

Her dance troupe performs that local events and private parties, weddings fundraisers and festivals. BVF as a member of the Ink People Center For the Arts based out of Arcata California.

Lighting up the night and bringing the spice of life to every event and workshop!

Bella Fire also leads sacred goddess circles honoring the element of fire as a tool for transformation healing and self empowerment. She is a red tent women’s facilitator and brings the element of fire into her goddess circles facilitating inspiration and community as she guides women into finding healing through the element of the flame. She shares her unique vision of alchemy as a transformational tool for healing and self empowerment.

Fire Goddess Alchemy
Bella Vita Fire Dance Co and NoShoGunz Musick collaboration

Bella Fire Dance performing arts
Performing Arts in Humboldt California
David Wilson Photography location Opera Alley, Eureka, CA

Kenneth Tinkham photography Moonstone Beach California

Fire Poi spinning is weaving gold

Explore all the exciting and unique ways Bella uses fire and flow arts to give life a little more spark!

“ Some like it Hot “

Goddess Alchemy

David Wilson Photography
Bella Fire Dance

Flow arts and movement culture as a tool for healing can be accessible to almost anyone of all ages. Bella‘s workshop “Elements of Flow” focuses on healing with intentional movement through flow. Weaving together the concepts of alchemical vision, sacred geometry intentional movement and cognitive healing. Teaching others to access deeper cognitive healing, mind body connection, more physical coordination and self empowerment through “The Elements of Flow “an all ages workshop in Sacred Movement is her intentional offering. Bella offers for workshops and performance art for private events, festivals and more. Bella’s workshop includes a variety of flow props to learn with including Poi, Fans, Staff, Batons, Silks and more! Her performance art is an expression of her soul ignited and reveals the golden alchemy of her heart.

This Lady with a Fan will bring you inspiration and move you brightly as she flows and spins on stage with her silk fans or fire. Whether she’s spinning silk fans or fire fans her true essence is always alive bringing the spice of life to every event large or small.