Spark In Your Soul Workshop

Jan 15th 2023 1pm – 8:30 pm

A Powerfully Curated Workshop Experience with the Flames of Self Empowerment and Soul Shine woven into the threads of all of these offerings!

Have you you always wanted to learn how to dance with fire, but didn’t know where to start?
The beautiful sacred art of fire dance is a powerful way to transform your life.
Are you inspired by the beauty and the power and the radiance of fire dancing and want to begin your own journey? Now is the time!

I will get you started with hands on education, initiation, light you up and bring you into the fire circle I have thoughtfully created. Learn fire safe practices that fire dancers around the world share and depend on. Find intentional movement with fire as a way of connecting on a deeper level with yourself. Discover the community building aspects of this practice and the connection with community through the practice. Gain new skills as you step into a new space of self empowerment and self confidence.
Learn how professional fire dancers prepare for stage and gain direct knowledge of the secrets of spinning fire.
Immerse yourself in discovering the passion that accompanies the medicine of the fire arts.
Begin your journey with performing arts from a lens of ritual and healing and self expression.
You will also have access to participate in local performance art opportunities and events after you take my workshop if you would like to get involved within the performance arts community here in Humboldt County. Become a part of a community that values connection of competition. Gain more self awareness and awareness of others. Learn new ways to move your body and gain better coordination, flexibility and cognitive resonance.

Let me show you the path of working with fire and dancing with the flames of creativity and passion! Allow me to introduce to you how fire dancing has changed my life and how this beautiful art form can also change yours.
Fire is the great element of transformation.
Are you ready to transform your life move past your fear out of your comfort zone and learn something new?

This is an introduction to how to begin fire dancing and the self empowerment building that accompanies this beautiful art! 🔥❤️

In this workshop we will be covering everything from how to flow with fire fans, lighting up, safety first, stage performance presentation, choreography and self empowerment with the flames of personal growth and transformation!

This workshop is a focus and introduction to fire dancing with fire fans and so much more!

For those of you who have been interested in taking one of my workshop this is the opportunity I am excited to present classes and workshops and retreats with the sacred element of fire. I am inspired within my soul and excited to be here bringing YOU into your own fire dance flow journey! Light your Soul on fire and shine!

🔥I have cultivated so many more skills in the years and I am delighted to weave and flow so much more magic and knowledge within my workshops and my offerings to the community I serve.
I am here to serve you as I am offer these powerful teachings for your own life journey.
This is fire medicine. Are you ready to receive this potent content? I am ready for your presence here and your enthusiasm to learn.

🔥This is a potent and powerful workshop with a focus on fire dance arts with a foundation built on self empowerment! 🔥

🔥A Special Offer: For those who sign up and pay in full before November 1, 2022
You will receive a brand-new pair of fire dance fans at the event and a surprise special gift For those who physically attend this workshop experience.

If you have your own pair of fans you’re welcome to bring them I do have tools for all of my students and you didn’t do not need to have your own pair to take the workshop. ❤️🔥 $50 discount offered for those that do.

🔥 Fire safety basics for fire-dancers

🔥 Fuel knowledge

🔥 Fire Fan Flow arts

🔥 Curated flow series of 20 foundational flow
moves to get started in flowing with fire fans

🔥 Group Choreography with the foundation
of the 20 flow moves with Intentions holding
a sacred container. Providing a powerful
healing presence as we dance with our
heart intentions.

🔥 Self-awareness

🔥 Spatial – awareness

🔥 Group Awareness and Team building

🔥 Self Empowerment with the element Fire
Fueling your vision of self love and growth

🔥 Professional focus on performance arts
discussion and stage presentation basics

🔥 Finding your Flow with different fire fan styles and learning about the differences.

🔥 The power of using your intention and focus with Fire and manifesting your unique vision

🔥Bringing the sacred back to our practices.

I ( Bella) am available for any questions of interest. Yes I want to hear from you and please reach out email me a letter of interest and let me know you would like to reserve a space in my workshop. I would love to know what has inspired you to arrive here with me!

The Location will be in Northern Humboldt.
Steps Studio Arcata

This workshop will take place at two different locations. We will have an indoor space for learning as well as an outdoor space for practicing with fire. This workshop is a full day immersion experience.

I provide all of the tools the fuel the fire safety equipment and create the choreography and lessons for my classes!

I have over 12 solid years of fire dancing performance arts experience, I am a certified Fire Walking Instructor, I am a certified experienced group facilitator, I am enthusiastic about teaching!

❤️🔥Let me help you change your perspective about yourself and what you are capable of, learn something new that you’ve never done before and achieve something you never thought possible! Move past fear, out of your comfort zone into a space where you honor and claim your own personal self empowerment and flow into the spark of embodiment 🔥❤️

Total Cost details:
🔥Workshop sign up total cost $550

Sign up before October 31st 2022 with special offer of receiving your own pair of Fire Fans at the workshop.

🔥Special Offer: Paid in full before October 1st 2022 you will receive a $100 discount for the Immersion Workshop. Total $450
Receipts available for all purchases.

🔥 Do you want to save a space but cannot afford to pay in full right now? $100 deposit will save your space until December 1st 2022
It is a nonrefundable deposit if you cancel.
The deposit ensures me to fully prepare for YOU to arrive and be fully prepared for your presence in the workshop in advance. I look forward to sharing this magic with you!

Insured Fire Dancer
Certified Firewalk Guide
Experienced Fire Artist
Dancer and Performing Artist
Experienced Group Facilitator
Sacred fire tender
Keeper of the flame
Priestess of fire arts

I am bringing new 🔥 elements into my classes and workshops and I look forward to welcoming in new students into my groups!

If you are interested in what it takes to get started fire dancing and all of the aspects of that and how to harness the energy of the fire and empower yourself in the process… I’m here and I will guide you the whole way! Take my workshop light your life up …do something different and find your passion and achieve more in life with the flames of self empowerment !

My workshops are a focus on
The Sacred Art of dancing with fire
Fire dance techniques and movement
Real self empowerment practice
Flow Arts movement
Firesafety practices
Stage set up
Insurance knowledge
Self awareness
Group awareness
Permits/public performances
Performing arts development
Character and stage presentation
Collaboration over Competition


Please send your email of interest and let me know why you are enthusiastic about taking my workshop and learning how to fire dance.
Please note any experience you have with fire or not. Please note any performance arts experience or dance experience.

This workshop is open to all levels with a focus on self empowerment with an introduction immersion to flow arts and fire dance or those whom want to take their fire dance to the next level.

Please email an interest letter and to me to RSVP :

In this workshop you will not only learn to dance with fire fans but you will gain self empowerment that will take you through the rest of your life!
If this is something that inspires you,
I look forward to hearing from you.
Workshop space will be limited and exclusive as I am only going to be accepting up to 10 students.

I will have a zoom access and live online version of this workshop available for those of you who would like to sign up that cannot reach my location. $100 discount for those who want to attend on zoom. Total $450 paid in full before December 1st

“Light your life on fire and
seek those who fan the flames”

Please email an interest letter and to me to RSVP :


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