Fire-walk alchemy

Firewalking is a spiritual practice practice by many all over the world as a tool for transformation and personal empowerment. Bella was certified by the father of the modern Firewalking movement Tolly Burkan at the Firewalking Center in Sonora California. Her passion for sharing this alchemy with others has become part of her life purpose. 

“ …after experiencing Fire Walking and becoming a certified Fire Walking instructor, my life has truly transformed after experiencing the medicine of Fire Walking. I became passionate about teaching others and becoming a certified Fire Walking instructor has taught me in ways I never imagined before I stepped out of my comfort zone out onto the hot coals” -Bella

If you are interested in Fire Walking or would like to book a private event or spiritual circle centered in this practice please reach out and ask questions I look forward to hearing from you. – Bella

Fire Drums event lighting the Fire-walk 2022
Certified Fire Walking Instructor through the Fire Walking Center of California
Fire Walking as a life changing self empowerment tool. Book your own fire walk today with a Certified Fire Walking Instructor.
Certified Firewalk instructor and Facilitator
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