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Available for bookings Group workshops and private lessons in Fire Flow Arts and Fire Walking

“Elements of Flow “is a workshop in Flow Arts Movement. Sharing unique ways to access the healing benefits of intentional flow through physical movement.
Learn to flow with the intention of mind body connection healing !

My name is Bella and I am here to share the elements of flow and magic that I have cultivated with you. These gifts of healing and expansion that I have found to be essential in the healing process within my life!
Life is Flow
Flow is Sacred.
Within the sacred container of Intentional Flow we can increase this potency and allow ourselves to find deep personal expression and more authentic expression and movement within our lives.
Creating flow -creates energy and physical movement and transformation of the self. Allow me to show you the alchemy that I have transformed my own life with in order to show you the tools that you can use to develop new perspectives as you claim your next dance step into the infinite flow of life.
Find your Flow
Intentional Flow Arts is a practice that includes sacred body movement accompanied with a variety of flow props to dance with including Fans Poi Staff Batons and Dragon staff.
Let me show you my map of healing cognitive connection through repetition sequence patterning with flow arts! Physical movement with intention is one of the best ways we can transform trauma anxiety and negative energy into more positive aspects within our lives.

Flow Artists can be fun and exhilarating to watch performing with fire and props on stage but flow is also a useful tool for anyone who wants to receive the healing benefits of mind body cognitive connection.
My workshop will Introduce to you the sacred intentions for the flow movements. Teaching the benefit of using intentional movement for healing anxiety, stress, attention deficit, ptsd, depression, trauma and so much more…
I am teaching what has helped me in my life become a better version of who I am grow and shine into the person I am today!

I weave together the alchemy and art of flow, storytelling healing arts, self awareness, sacred dance group choreography and fun within everything I do!
I look forward to meeting you and sharing my skills my instruction and my fire magic!

I look forward to hearing from you and your interest in my classes workshops and fire performance art lessons. -Bella🔥


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